Little Blue Number – New Look

I stopped by the fabric factory over the weekend and did some much needed browsing through their patterns and materials. I came accross this little dress I was keen on giving a try. After much effort and countless pins going through my skin, I finally finished it.
Now I don’t see myself as a seamstress or any professional – no not at all! This was a trial and error effort and I wanted to see what the final result would look like. I was quite impressed with my patience through the whole experience and I’m glad the difficult parts are over.

New Look - 6000

New Look – 6000

I used the New Look pattern #6000 🙂 The sizes on this one is U.S 4-16 and Euro 30-42. I ended up making a version of dress B.
Here is what I needed :



I went with a turquoise mini matte fabric (I got it in a dusty pink as well :)) Along with that a similar colour thread and two large buttons with an interesting pattern on them. And most importantly the 55cm zipper that goes in the back. You would also need some interfacing, which I don’t have in the photograph above. I used the softer one, but I would recommend a thicker interfacing to keep the collar in place so it doesn’t flop around your neck (this could be quite irritating).

Cute Buttons

Cute Buttons

55cm zipper

55cm zipper

I managed to get the pattern cut out in one afternoon – this is a bit tedious as all the different sizes are seperate, instead of having them all on one pattern. The next day I cut the fabric and started stiching and ironing and those lovely sewing things 😉

My effort so far...

My effort so far…

What the dress looked like after one day of fighting the sewing machine 😀

And the final result! It fits quite well and I feel comfortable in it! For the next one I will cut the dress one size bigger, I would recommend going one size up as the dress does fit a bit snug.

Final Result

Final Result


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