Cute Button Wall Art

To make this cute button wall art you need :

  • Buttons – in different colours, sizes and shapes. Here in South Africa we can buy them in packets with mixed buttons in similar colours. These are very useful for arts and crafts.
  • Wood glue (or any glue that dries clear)
  • Acrylic paint in desired colours
  • Scrap ribbons or sequin strings (or any materials, ribbons or haberdashery you desire)
  • Canvas (I used small canvas wrapped boards that I bought from a crafts store)

These were quite easy to make. You can do any design you like with different colours. I tried to match the colours of my buttons to a colour paint that would make it pop!

First I matched the colours I would be using and started painting each canvas board with a different colour. When the paint dried, I planned my layout by placing the ribbon and buttons as I wanted them. From here I used a tweezer to pick up the buttons one by one and placed a little blob of glue to the back to stick it to the board. This was easier to make sure I stick them on as planned (so I wouldn’t end up with a skew heart or shape). For the ribbons I used a toothpick (a different tool could also work), to spread the glue in a strip on the back. I didn’t want to make it too thick, otherwise the glue would show through the front of the ribbon and give it a plastic look. After applying the ribbon I noticed it wouldn’t stay in place as intended, so I used clothes pegs to pin the ends to the board and keep the ribbon in place. When this is dry I folded the ends of the ribbons to the back of the board and glued them in place. When the glue started becoming tacky, I used the pegs again to keep them in place until fully dry.

This is very easy to make and adds a nice pop of colour to the room. You can use any embelishments or material you like.

Here is what my boards look like when they are complete :


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